Travel for Less: Best Ways to Get a Deal on your Next Vacation

Travel for Less: Best Ways to Get a Deal on your Next Vacation

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Americans, we love to go on vacations. Whether they are across town or around the world, vacations are often one of our largest expenses of the year – and sometimes we tap into our credit cards too much (need a good credit card, take a look at our review of the best of the best) – to make that next trip a five-star masterpiece. But who says that you have to pay more just to travel in style?

Before we give you the dish on the best places to save a ton off your next vacation, let’s take a look at how much money Americans are spending first. According to The Pulse, 31% of Americans at least booked a hotel room in 2015 for a vacation. What’s more, a survey that was conducted by Travelex, which polled 2,000 Americans, found that around $475 billion was spent on vacations in 2016 alone. This year, that number probably rounds up to an even half trillion.

If you have your heart set on some faraway destination for this year or at some point in the near future, make sure you take a look at these top places we’ll cover in today’s post, so you can find the best online vacation deals possible. Why pay more, when you can get more for less? Oh, and while you are at it, if you happen to need some luggage, make sure you check out our review of the best luggage that’s approved very carryon so you can plan for your next vacation adventure.

If a Caribbean vacation is on the agenda, make sure you take a look at This should be your number one destination for online vacation deals to this area. Not only do they have a responsive and intuitive search engine, but they also have partnered with the leading resorts in this region to deliver the lowest prices period. They are an all-in-one booking service, and get you up to 65% off the list price with flash sales that can save you even more. You can also book using an extended, interest-free payment plan that allows you to split the vacation cost up into three or more monthly payments, depending on the actual price of the vacation.


The top resort chain in the Caribbean, with Sandals you’ll have access to 12+ resorts that are situated between Jamaica, the Bahamas, Antigua and event St. Lucia. Usually, they offer deals of 50% off or more. What’s more, you can book rooms that come with butler service, VIP rooms that are situated directly on the ocean via platforms and that come with their own butler and boating service, and more. All Sandals resorts are all-inclusive, so everything from food, drink and activities is included, and no tipping is allowed (except if you are tipping a butler at the end of your stay).

Costco Travel

In order take advantage of the sweet deals offered by this travel agency, you will need a Costco membership. That aside, Costco Travel actually has received top ratings and reviews in recent years because they deliver amazing vacation packages at rock bottom prices. For example, they currently offer five nights in the Dominican Republic for two starting at just $659/person. Or travel to Oahu starting at just $539/person. The options are limitless, and the service is first-rate. You can even finance your vacation with a Costco travel or credit card, too.


Another great place to find the best vacation deals online is FunJet. They specialize in all-inclusive vacation packages for singles, couples and families. They also frequently host 72-hour flash sales that can help you save even more off that next big trip abroad. Whether you just need a hotel room, or you want a first-class VIP trip for the whole family, make sure you don’t overlook this savings hub during your search.


A direct competitor to FunJet, TravelZoo should also be on your checklist when searching for the best online vacation deals. TravelZoo differs from some other discount sites because their deals are member based. They currently have more than 28 million members worldwide. This allows them to contact the sellers of these vacation packages and negotiate wholesale rates. They then pass on the savings to their members. The best part is that membership is free, and you’ll also have some convenient payment plan options and other financing methods so you can book the dream destination vacation you want today.

Cheapo Air

What originally began as go-to discount airfare hub has grown into one of the top vacation deal websites on the web. At, you will gain immediate access to the lowest prices on airfare, rental cars, hotel rooms and vacation packages. They also have deals available for the attractions in the locations that you plan on visiting. Of course, you will get the best deals on the most premium airline tickets available, which could mean that you will actually have enough money left over to upgrade those seats to first class for a change.

These are but a few of the very many places we’d recommend for finding the best online vacation deals to be had. Why mess around with conglomerate sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire or Travelocity – which are all owned by the same parent companies in attempts to dominate the marketplace – when you can instead get better deals with less red tape by using a different service? When things are easier, faster, cheaper and better, they just make sense. Happy travels!

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