Time to Man Up! Build the Ultimate Man Cave with These Online Stores

Time to Man Up! Build the Ultimate Man Cave with These Online Stores

The idea of a man cave is certainly not a new one.  As it becomes more expensive to see your favorite teams in person, it’s not too difficult to understand why more men are opting for an enhanced experience in their home as opposed to attending sporting events in person.

For many married men, it’s the only room in the house without a woman’s touch.  It’s the one place in the house where things like décor, color scheme and spacing don’t have to matter.  A man can place whatever stupid signs and pictures he’s collected over the years, and in any arrangement desired, with no slack from the wife.

The driving force behind most man caves is utility.  The idea is to pack as many fun and functional items into the space as possible.  Nobody needs five TVs on one wall, a poker table that gets used a few times a year, or full-sized arcade games.  The man cave is a place where a man doesn’t have to explain why he likes that Schlitz Beer neon sign so much, or why he’s still holding on to that beat up ’85 Bears poster.

Since the man cave would fall far short of the essential spending category, you are most likely going to have to deck out your man cave on a budget.  The good news is that there are tons of great websites out there to help you do just that.

There are some basic ingredients that every man cave will require.  You’ll need at least one nice TV, some comfortable furniture, manly artwork, and a few games.  Here’s our guide to some of the best ideas and places to find those ingredients.  We’ll be covering the best new TVs in an upcoming blog, so we’ll leave that essential element of the man cave for a more complete breakdown.

Man Cave Furniture

A true man cave must be comfortable.  Think big and cushy.  You want to fill the room with a bunch of places for lounging.  Otherwise, you probably won’t get too many buddies over to enjoy your new room with you.  Secondhand furniture stores are always a great option for adding some comfy furniture to the man cave on a budget.  You can usually find lots of good options for recliners and sectional couches at these stores.  Most of them usually offer free or cheap delivery for the bigger items as well, so they are a much better option than trying to find used furniture on Craigslist.

If you want to step that up, there are some great sites for man cave furniture. Theater Seat Store is running a Best Dad Ever sale through at least Father’s Day, so you can tap into their fantastic selection of home theater seating; which would fit perfectly in any man cave.  They have models that start at $400 and range up to a few thousand.  They boast one of the best selections of comfortable and affordable theater style seating you’ll find anywhere.

If you’ve always dreamt of having a reclining massage chair in your man cave, look no further than the Esright Ergonomic Lounge 360.  This chair gets such great reviews on Amazon because it is comfortable, well-built, useful, good-looking and affordable.  If offers just about everything you want in man cave furniture, but on a budget.  It has all the wonderfully unnecessary add-ons you’ve ever wished for, like a remote to control the heating, massaging, and vibrating, as well as cup holders and side storage for the remote.  This chair will quickly become your favorite seat and it’s only $288 with free shipping right now!

Proper Man Cave Décor

Every great man cave has some unique and interesting art work (and we use that term loosely).  Most of us can picture some of the unique and oddest pieces that friends proudly display in their man cave.  From strange pictures to treasured memorabilia to posters of our favorite teams, much of the best artistic expression involved in creating a man cave has to come from the unique items you’ve collected over a lifetime.  That doesn’t mean you can’t find some interesting additions online for cheap, though.

KegWorks.com is an excellent site for bar décor.  They offer a huge selection of bar signs, mirrors and accessories.  You can find all kinds of swag for your favorite beer or liquor, too.  They actually have just about anything you might need for your home bar, and the sale section of their site is a great place to scroll through regularly for great gift ideas.

The man cave décor section of Etsy is another great place to find lots of kitschy and unique items to add some personality to your man cave.  This section is regularly updated by Etsy to include all kinds of interesting items.  These are individual sellers on Etsy, so it is always a good idea to check the seller’s history and rating before ordering that special item.

Games Galore

You’re going to need some great games to pull everything together in your man cave.  The gold standard for man caves games is billiards.  A great pool table really pulls the man cave together and gives you a perfect excuse to waste hours in your new man cave.  You can actually find lots of deals online for used pool tables if you are on a tight budget.  People are getting rid of them all the time.  A quick search of Craigslist will return hundreds of options in most cities. Generally, you just have to figure out how to move them.

If you’ve been looking to add a nice, new billiard table of your own, it’s hard to beat the classic beauty and quality of the Brunswick Black Wolf.  It’s simple and yet stylish.  This bad boy will make the perfect center piece to any man cave and it’s actually affordable by billiard standards, priced at $2700.

If you are looking for an affordable option for games, there are many great options out there for video game systems.  Even if you don’t want to buy a new X Box One X or PS4 Pro, you can pick up a classic Nintendo and some favorite games, and you’ll have made some progress on the room.  For those looking for the ultimate bar games in their man cave, look no further than the Arcade Legends 3 with Golden Tee and more than 165 other arcade games packed in one.  It currently sells for $3,400 on Amazon, so it’s certainly not cheap. But this bad boy will certainly make your buddies jealous the next time they show up.  It has many of the most popular arcade games of all time, and you only have to mention free Golden Tee to instantly get the instant attention of any golf lover.

Whatever your budget and whatever your taste, there are so many great options out there to add some individual touches and décor to your man cave.  These are just a few of the best sites to start your search.  We’ll continue to follow-up with the best ways to find the perfect additions to any man cave on a budget in future blogs. Stay tuned, and MAN UP!

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