The Best Products to Buy in December and the Best to Save for Next Year

The Best Products to Buy in December and the Best to Save for Next Year

With the holiday rush in full swing and deals popping up on every popular website, it can be easy to think it’s the best time of year to buy pretty much anything.  Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.  The strong demand means many items are full-priced through the end of the year.  This doesn’t hold true for all popular items, though.  There are many niches where the retailers and manufacturers know that most of their money is made at this time of year and they need to offer the most competitive price.

We put together a list of the best products to buy in December this year and included some popular items that you will probably want to put on the list for next year.

Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the special items that are clearly in highest demand during the holiday season, yet you’ll generally find the best deals and discounts right now.  Most retailers recognize that gift cards are one of the most versatile and popular gifts so they have to offer competitive deals to get you to purchase their gift cards.


Toys are also generally priced cheapest during the time they are in highest demand.  Retailers know they need to offer discounts to attract buyers during the holidays.  Amazon is also a major driving force behind lower prices on toys online.  Amazon’s daily deals section for toys and games is always filled with great deals. is also running their Cyber Week specials through midnight tonight.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are kind of obvious because most of the country can’t play golf in the winter.  Recognizing it as a buying opportunity right now might not be at the top of your mind though.  Dick’s Sporting Goods has some of the best deals including a 50% off flash sale on many items today.  If you’re looking for new clubs, you should spend some time looking around.  There are tons of good deals on Amazon and eBay this time of year too.


Tools might not be the most exciting gift (although some guys would love to get them), but they should be on your December shopping list if you want to get a great deal.  Popular Mechanics estimated in a recent article the savings on tools to be 40-60% if you buy them during the holiday season.  They did include that high-end specialty tools, like those required for indoor woodworking, generally see the biggest discounts after the holidays.

Wedding Dresses

If you are a bride planning for a wedding next year, you can save tons of money if you purchase your wedding dress in December.  Wedding dress stores will be looking to sell off their existing inventory from this year as new designs are typically released in the fall.  It’s also the slow season for weddings and you will have no need to rush the fitting of the dress.


The deals on TVs are everywhere.  It’s just a great time to buy a new 4K TV if you’ve been waiting to bring home a new big screen.  BestBuy, WalMart, Target, Fry’s Electronics, and Amazon all have TVs at their lowest price of the year right now.

Buy These Items Next Year…

Exercise Equipment or Gym Membership

Exercise equipment and gym membership discounts are generally not available during the holidays because they have so much demand.  People around world set New Year’s resolutions to get in shape and buy equipment or sign-up for the gym.  If you want to get back in shape, either plan ahead for the holidays or wait until late January to sign-up.  As the reality of regular workouts sets in and the demand drops, you see all kinds of deals.

New Cars

Edmunds is a great resource for dispelling myths about buying a car.  They released a study earlier this year that detailed how you can find great deals in December.  The central point of the article was that the savings from any given month to another was minimal.  You should mostly gleam from this study that it doesn’t pay to fall for a supposed “great deal” at the end of the year.  Take your time and compare prices among dealers.  We covered how to get the best discounts on new cars in a previous post.


You will see lots of advertised deals on furniture in December.  You should pass on most of these if you don’t need to replace your current furniture or get something new.  Smart Asset put together an excellent guide on the best time to buy any type of furniture. The best discounts on furniture are typically in the summer and early fall.

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