The Best Items to Buy from a Local Dollar Store

The Best Items to Buy from a Local Dollar Store

Most people might not realize how many deals they are missing out on and how many items they are overpaying for if they don’t shop at a dollar store.  A recent report by Statista found there were over 29,000 different dollar stores in America.  While that number may seem quite high, especially if you do not shop at one of them, this should be good news for those looking to save money on many household items they already buy.  These stores are filled with great deals and you will want to plan a trip if you regularly buy any of these items.

Cleaning Supplies

Most dollar stores are stocked with a huge selection of cleaning supplies that are made of the exact same ingredients as major name brand options found at supermarkets and large retailers.  Products like dish soap, bleach, and all-purpose cleaners are generally not proprietary and the knock-off brands are able to offer products that are just as effective at a fraction of the price.  Make a trip by your nearest dollar store the next time you need to stock up on cleaning supplies and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save.

Personal Hygiene Products

People are generally very loyal to the personal hygiene and common bathroom products they use.  They find a shampoo or soap they like and never consider any other options.  Much like household cleaning products, personal hygiene products are typically not proprietary and the off-brands are able to use the same ingredients in their products.  Shampoo, deodorant, body wash, and most first aid products in dollar stores are often made by the same major manufacturers and are simply given a different brand name.

Canned Foods

Dollar stores around the country are one of the largest buyers of canned foods.  They are able to offer them at substantial discounts because they purchase them in such large quantities.  You will most likely be surprised to find all of your favorite brands at a large discount.

Greeting Cards

It seems like each year the cost of greeting cards increases a noticeable amount.  It can be a surprise to pay $3 to $5 per greeting card at a major grocery store or retailer.  This year you can save a ton of money by getting all your greeting cards at a local dollar store.  You will often find the same brand names available in a dollar store and the quality of the cards is identical.  They are just heavily discounted when you purchase them at a dollar store.

Holiday Essentials

You can actually stock up on all the holiday essential, like wrapping paper, gift bags, decorations, and party supplies, at almost any dollar store for substantially less than a major retailer.  Most of these items will only be used once and then will be thrown away, so there is absolutely no reason to continue spending so much money on them.  Get everything you need for your gift-giving and holiday celebrations at a dollar store this year and you’ll be surprised that you can typically get everything you need for less than $20.

Reading Glasses

One of the odd items that most people would never think to find at a dollar store is reading glasses.  Almost every dollar store has a huge selection of reading glasses for $1.  These are glasses that you might spend $25 or more on at an eyeglass store or online.  Most people use their reading glasses in the privacy of their home or only while they are working on something so you might as well get them at a fraction of the cost.  They provide the same quality and you can find them in just about any style or prescription.

Picture Frames

If you are moving into a new home or simply looking to add some new pictures to your place, you will definitely want to stop by the dollar store for the best deal possible on picture frames.  Most of these same frames sell for $15-20 online or at major retailers.  You will generally find a broad selection of sizes, shapes, and colors.


While we’re certainly not telling you that you should be buying more candy, we all know that some sweets from time to time can brighten your day.  If you are a candy lover, then you’ll definitely want to drop by your local dollar store.  The candy section is filled with all of the same major candy brand names at huge discounts.  You’ll start to realize just how much candy is marked up at major grocery stores as you find what you can get for a dollar.

Some Items Not to Buy at Dollar Stores

Saving money is certainly not always the most important thing.  You still want to get safe and quality products on the things you regularly use around the house.  That’s why you definitely want to be aware of some products to avoid at dollar stores. completed a study in 2015 on the toxic chemicals found in off-brand plastic containers.  This should probably be enough evidence that you may want to pass on the discount plastic containers and opt for brands that have a history of safe products even if they cost a bit more.  High-quality plastic containers usually last for years so spending a few more bucks on a safe product is a good idea.  There are so many great deals on plastic containers on Amazon that you are not even saving much money on these at a dollar store.

The toy selection at dollar stores is often very low quality and you probably want to avoid getting your children toys that may break easily or might contain toxic chemicals.  While this does not apply to all toys in all dollar stores, it is still probably best to avoid the toy section at a dollar store.  A recent report published on found that metal toys, cheap jewelry, and stickers were among the products that contained toxic chemicals.  There is no reason to put your children’s health at risk to save a few bucks on toys.

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