Here are the 10 Best Deals You’ll Find at Sam’s Club Every Week

Wandering the aisles at Sam’s Club, gazing in awe at shelves stocked to the rafters, the pallets of enough canned food to feed a small army, you’ve probably thought: “will buying stuff in bulk really save that much money?” The short answer: yes. According to, a Consumers’ Checkbook survey found that Sam’s Club prices […]

The Best Items to Buy from a Local Dollar Store

Most people might not realize how many deals they are missing out on and how many items they are overpaying for if they don’t shop at a dollar store.  A recent report by Statista found there were over 29,000 different dollar stores in America.  While that number may seem quite high, especially if you do […]

How to Avoid Common Online Scams While Shopping

Millions of people fall victim to various online scams every year and most of those could have been avoided with some basic knowledge of the most common online scams.  Typically, you should trust your instincts to avoid most scams and be cautious about the things you click as you shop online.  Some scams are a […]