Planning a Golf Vacation with your Buddies? Our Guide to the Best Golf Trips in America

Planning a Golf Vacation with your Buddies? Our Guide to the Best Golf Trips in America

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This is a common time of the year to plan a great golf trip with your buddies.  There are so many great choices that it can be hard to decide on the perfect destination for your next golf vacation.  We’ve taken many golf trips to some of the best resorts and golf courses and decided to put together a list of the best golf trips in America to help make that decision a little easier.

If you are planning a bucket list golf vacation soon, make sure your equipment is up for the trip as well.  Check out our post on the best ways to get great deals on your golf clubs.  After all, what fun is it to travel to these amazing golf courses if you don’t have a set that’s up for the challenge.  It’s much more fun to win some cash off your buddies when you do!

Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan has been one of the hidden gems for golf trips for decades now, but it’s really grown in stature among golf enthusiasts over the past 10 years with the development of some world class golf courses.  The addition of flights to Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City has made it easier than ever to fly there from almost anywhere in the country.  Traverse City is a great hub for your next golf trip.  There are lots of great, classic golf courses in and around the city, like The Bear at Grand Traverse Resort and Lochenheath Golf Club, to name a few.

You will also be within driving distance of a couple of the best golf courses in the country.  Arcadia Bluffs should be on every golfer’s bucket list.  It is simply amazing.  The entire course sits atop a 300-foot sand dune that’s overlooking Lake Michigan.  It’s made up of beautiful, rolling sand hills and amazing, green complexes.  The course is always in great shape and it has one of the best 19th holes in the world.

Forest Dunes Golf Club is on the other side of the state, but also within an hour and a half of Traverse City.  The original course, designed by Tom Weiskopf, is an incredible test of golf on a remarkable property.  They also added in a second course, The Loop, which is unlike anything else in the country; it’s fully reversible.  You play the course in one direction one day, and play it in the other direction the next day; they effectively have three courses at the resort now.  The whole experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is simply in a league of its own.  It is one of the finest golf resort in the world.  You cannot get a better collection of golf courses on one property anywhere.  Bandon Dunes is one of those rare places that gets hyped up and does not disappoint.  There are currently four full 18-hole courses at the resort, and they are all ranked in the top 20 courses you can play.  Pacific Dunes has been ranked the best course you can play in the country and currently sits in the top three on most course ranking lists.  The Preserve is also one of the best par 3 courses in the world (when you don’t want to play a full round).  You can even have a few drinks while you enjoy the 36-hole putting course called the Punch Bowl.

One of the best parts of choosing Bandon Dunes for your next golf trip is that you’ll never have to leave the resort.  Everything a golfer could want in a golf vacation is right there on the property.  You can rent rooms or cabins on the property, and there are shuttles to bring you around to the range and various courses.  There are several restaurants spread around the property with an assortment of food and drink selections, too.  You’ll want to stop by the Bunker Bar for a few late night drinks or a poker game frequented by other guests of the resort, if you can find the time.

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Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst is no secret among golfers the world over.  Pinehurst Resort should certainly be somewhere near the top of your bucket list if you’ve never been.  However, it’s not the only reason to plan your next trip for the Pinehurst area.  The whole area is packed with beautiful and challenging golf courses.  You’ll definitely want to add Mid Pines Golf Club and the Dormie Club to your list.

You will absolutely want to make the trek to Tobacco Road Golf Club when you’re in the Pinehurst area as well.  It is one of the most beautiful works of landscape art you’ll ever see, and a fun and challenging test of golf.  There are green complexes that will amaze and frustrate you at the same time.  The course has an almost mystical feel, as you often find yourself all alone while you meander around the property.  It’s is easily one of the best golf courses you’ll ever play.


Colorado should be on your list of golf vacations for many reasons, not least of which is how much fun it is to crush the ball at high altitude.  If you’ve never played golf in the mountains, you’ll be amazed at what a difference it will make.  You’ll love the distance off the tee, and may find it hard to judge on those iron shots into the green.  Either way, hitting the longest drives of your life is an easy way to make your next golf vacation tons of fun.

The Broadmoor is probably the best resort for a pure golf trip to Colorado.  It’s another resort that provides everything you’ll need for a fantastic golf vacation on one property.  The golf courses are fun and challenging, and the resort is luxurious and beautiful.

Ballyneal Golf Club is a bit off the beaten path, but you won’t be disappointed if you make the trip.  It’s a remarkable golf course that has a links feel with its rolling hills, intimidating bunkers and tall heather.

St. George, Utah

The St. George area of Utah is one of the more underrated golf destinations in the country.  It’s only a two-hour drive from Vegas, so you can stop in both places on one trip to make it an ultimate buddy golf vacation.  There are a number of great public courses in St. George, including Coral Canyon Golf Course and Sky Mountain.  They offer beautiful views and tough golf courses.

The trip between St. George and Las Vegas will also give you the perfect opportunity to stop by Wolf Creek Golf Club.  Wolf Creek is one of the most visually stunning golf courses you will ever play on.  It’s actually one of the few golf courses that require you to sign a waiver accepting the risks of taking a golf cart.  This is no joke.  Those carts path run extremely close to some steep cliffs and sudden drop-offs.  If you’ve never heard of Wolf Creek or seen pictures, take a minute and stop by their website.  You’ll see all the evidence you need that this amazing course should be at the top of your golf vacation list.

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