Frequent Flier Secrets: How to Get the Best Discounts on Flights

Frequent Flier Secrets: How to Get the Best Discounts on Flights

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Technology and competition have driven down the cost of flights over the past 30 years for consumers in the United States.The from the peak average cost of $652 in 1980 down to $342 in 2005.  However, costs have shown increases each year since 2005 and most of that increase has been associated with the “all-in” taxes and fees.  If you’re in the group of people that are paying more than the current average, then this article was written for you.  It’s easier than ever to use websites and apps to get instant savings. Just use these tips and learn how to get the best discounts on flights.

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Use These Websites for the Best Discounts on Flights

Most people are familiar with the big brands in online flight deals, like Expedia, PriceLine, and increasingly Google Flights.  There are so many other great options out there to find the best discounts on flights.  The following four are simple to use on almost any device and have an impressive database of flight offerings all over the country.  They each offer some unique reasons to add them to your list of websites to check before booking your next flight.


Skyscanner has a clean website and useful app that compares millions of flights to find the best discounts and deals.  They maintain an expansive list of daily flight deals and weekend getaways that make the app worth keeping on your phone.  You can also sign up to get notifications about discounts on flights you are planning.

Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog is made up of a team of experts on flight discounts and deals that are constantly searching for deals to pass along to their users.  Their app and website are both user-friendly and offer lots of advanced features.  You can setup alerts for flights and hotels all over the world, too.  They also maintain an interesting travel blog that offers insightful travel tips and great trip ideas for discounted travel.


JetRadar works directly with more than 1,000 airlines and a dozen different travel sites to track down the best discounts on flights from across the web.  They have discounts with airlines that many of the large online travel sites don’t include in their search results.  JetRadar probably has the best search options and filters.  There’s a host of options that are supported on the website and app for iPhone and Android.


Hopper is a must-have app for frequent fliers.  They provide an abundance of research and data to help you understand the best time to purchase a flight online.  You can search for a trip, add dates, and the app will suggest whether to purchase or wait for the price to drop.  If the app suggests you wait to purchase, you can start tracking the prices of that trip with one click.  They advertise an accuracy rate of 95% on the best time to get a discount on your next flight.

Use Private Browsing to Get Even Better Deals

One of the simplest ways to get the best discounts on flights when you purchase online is to use incognito mode or private browsing to avoid getting charged more when you’ve searched for the same flight a few times.  It is a common practice among many of the travel sites to use cookies that will allow the site to show you higher prices automatically when you repeat a search for the same flight.  The psychology is simple.  If you think the price is going up, you’re more likely to buy it today.  The simple switch to private browsing will prevent this practice from getting you to pay more for your flights.

How to Get Free ADded Perks on Flights

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Frugal Travel Guy

Frugal Travel Guy is one of the best blogs to follow for great tips and information on maximizing your travel rewards and perks.  The Top Travel Deals section is updated regularly with exclusive deals and browsing it will probably give you all kinds of ideas for your next vacation.  They also have a complete program for beginners in the travel perks game called the Rookie Guide and the blog is routinely updated with all kinds of cool tips and tricks.  The rewards cards section of the site is a great resource for finding a new credit card for all your travel expenses.

Trip It

Trip It is great blog to follow for all things travel related.  They update it with all kinds of tips and tricks to get discounts and deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and other travel expenses daily.  It’s also full of great ideas for how to spend your time in just about any city.  The blogs are informative and interesting.

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