How to Get the Best Deals on Shoes Online

How to Get the Best Deals on Shoes Online

We all have feet, and we all need shoes to cover them. Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest fashions, or you need another pair of work shoes, hiking boots or what have you, the internet has got the best deals and selections, provided you know what your sizes are.

Thankfully, shoes are unlike other garments that you’d buy online, where you’d be guessing what your size was half the time, and returning the items that didn’t fit right about 33% of the time. So where can you easily find the best selection and the lowest prices on footwear? Start with these six places, and you’ll streamline how to get the best deals on shoes online.

Zappos: Easily the go-to shoe source online, Zappos has also singlehandedly set the standard for what comprises an amazing ecommerce retailer. They offer free shipping, hassle-free returns, a price match pledge and some of the best selection that you’ll find anywhere. No wonder Amazon scooped this retailer up to add to their corporate profile. With Zappos, you order what you like and pay. Next, get them in the mail a few days later. Try them on, and keep them if you like them. Otherwise, just send them on back.

Overstock: In at second place for best pricing on footwear is Overstock. This retailer sells a lot more items than just shoes, but their selection and inventory on footwear is comparable to Zappos. You’ll find crazy deals on shoes of all types, especially designer shoes, where you can save as much as 40% off the list price (and sometimes even more). Like Zappos, they have an easy return policy and usually low or free shipping. One of the original online retailers of shoes, this place has it all. Just about any brand you could ever want, any size, style and color – it’s all there for the taking. Plus, you’ll get an industry leading price match pledge, always free shipping, and one of the best return policies in the business. There’s no reason not to buy a few pairs at once. Also, look out for their periodical clearance sales, where you’ll save a boatload of cash on some of today’s hottest brands, all offered at rock bottom prices.

6pm: Want designer shoes but don’t want to pay the designer price? Then look no further than 6pm. While they do carry a bit more women’s styles than men’s, be prepared to be amazed. Want the best pricing that they have to offer? Then make sure that you always start at their clearance page first, where you can shop between 100+ brands that are all being offered at prices that are hard to believe. Once they arrive in the mail a few days later and are on your feet, though, you’ll be believing.

Shoe Buy: This online shoe and boot superstore easily can compete with the best. They are constantly adding new items to their inventory and currently boast a designer selection that is hard to top. With all sorts styles and cuts available, there’s something for men, women and children here. Like our other top picks, you can shop in confidence knowing that shipping is cheap or free, returns are easy and you are guaranteed to get the best price currently available.

Shoe Kicker: If you are a fitness aficionado, then Shoe Kicker should be bookmarked in your web browser. Unlike the others on our list, this place specializes in one thing: Fitness footwear. Shop from the biggest and best-known brands in the industry, but don’t expect to get taken to the bank just for a new pair of Air Jordan’s. This place buys up the hottest brands and styles in bulk and then passes the crazy savings on to you. Like the others on our list, shipping is low cost or free, returns are easy and the prices are the best you’ll find anywhere.

Shoe Carnival: While the selection here is not as comparable to the other options that we’ve presented, it still is worthy of a mention. That’s because they have some unique styles here that most places do not, and they also have hard to pass up buy one, get one free deals. You’ll have to meet a minimum order value of $75 or higher to get free shipping, but returns are easy and this is an A-rated online retailer that’s worth checking out.

While you are shopping for all those name brand shoes, make sure you are smart and use a mobile coupon app to get the best deals (read our related guide on that here). Also, be sure that you have at least one of our recommended web browser add-ons installed that will instantly find you the lowest price online of those shoes, so you know you aren’t paying a penny more than you have to.

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