Here are the 10 Best Deals You’ll Find at Sam’s Club Every Week

Here are the 10 Best Deals You’ll Find at Sam’s Club Every Week

Wandering the aisles at Sam’s Club, gazing in awe at shelves stocked to the rafters, the pallets of enough canned food to feed a small army, you’ve probably thought: “will buying stuff in bulk really save that much money?” The short answer: yes. According to, a Consumers’ Checkbook survey found that Sam’s Club prices are on average 33% lower than other supermarket chains. But a large warehouse store with so many products can be intimidating, so you need to know where to look to find the best deals.

1) Flowers

Wedding flowers can cost a fortune, but not if you go to Sam’s. Not only do they do centerpieces and bouquets, they do them at a discount. And there’s plenty to choose from too, so you can have a beautiful wedding for a fraction of the cost. Sam’s will add savings and convenience to your perfect day. While their wedding flowers are the best deal, Sam’s also sells bouquets for Valentine’s Day, Congratulations, “I’m sorry,” and plenty of other occasions.


2) Tires 

You might not have been aware that you can buy tires at Sam’s Club. And if you’re stunned by that, just wait until you see the discounts. We’re talking brand names, too. Right now, they have Pirelli and Goodyear tires for $80 off, and $50 instant savings plus $30 off installation for BF Goodrich. And Sam’s “Dare to Compare” price match guarantees that they’ll give you the best “all-in” price for your tires. But the deals don’t stop there. If you buy and install a set of tires at Sam’s, they’ll throw in lifetime tire balances, rotations, and flat repairs.


3) Gas 

With gas prices always in flux, it’s tough to find the best places to fill up. Deals on gas are hard to come by, but if you’re a member at Sam’s Club, you can refuel at any of their stations for an average of 10 cents off per gallon, according to Here’s an example: they go as low as $2.63 a gallon in California where the average is $3.17 according to Over time, those savings really add up.


4) Batteries

The remote’s died again, and to make matters worse, you’re fresh out of batteries. It’s a pain not just because you have to get up to change the channel like it’s the 1940s, but also because batteries aren’t cheap. Sam’s Club to the rescue. Their battery prices are consistently lower than other retailers, even on name brands. Compare Sam’s price of $19.98 (plus $5 off when you buy two) for a 48-pack of Duracell AA batteries to Amazon’s nearly $30 price point for the same product.


5) TVs

You don’t have to risk getting trampled in a Black Friday stampede to get a good deal on a TV; Sam’s Club has everyday savings. Compare this Hitachi 49in 4K TV on sale at Sam’s right now for $289.88 to its counterpart on Amazon for $418.99. That’s a huge discount. If you’re looking for a new TV to take in the upcoming Super Bowl action, or if it’s just time for a replacement, don’t overlook Sam’s Club.


6) Gift Cards

It’s your nephew Kyle’s birthday again, and you have no idea what to get him. But you do know that he likes video games. You go with a Best Buy gift card, so he can get what he wants and you don’t seem impersonal. If this is you, make sure you buy all those gift cards at Sam’s Club for the best savings. Most of their gift cards come with a discount of a few dollars (like this pack of iTunes cards worth $100 but selling for $94.47). If you’re a frequent gift card giver, you need to stock up at Sam’s.


7) Party Food

You never want to run out of food at a party, and thanks to Sam’s Club, you won’t have to worry about it. They’ve got everything from sandwich and vegetable trays to frozen appetizers to cookie plates, and all for significantly lower costs than a catering company, and up to 30% cheaper than supermarket deals. Having a fancy shindig? Try the 3.65 lb Castle Wood Meat & Cheese Party Tray. An afternoon soiree? The Member’s Mark Assorted Pinwheel Wraps are a surefire favorite.


8) Alcohol

Whether you’re throwing a party or just looking for something to sip on a relaxing evening, Sam’s Club carries alcohol that’s both quality and affordable. Name brand beer can be marked down as much as 25%, and liquor even more. Plus, the Sam’s brand, Member’s Mark, produces its own vodka, whisky, and spiced rum for $14-16 per 1.75 L bottle (depending on location), and wine for as low as $7. And if you’re worried about poor quality, check out the $7.99 Member’s Mark Chardonnay, which received a 92-point rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute or the $10.50 Riesling, which earned an excellent 89-point rating from Wine Enthusiast. Sam’s Club is so confident in their Member’s Mark line that they’ve offered a money back guarantee. And the kicker: you don’t even need a membership to buy it.


9) Over The Counter Drugs

If you’re someone who frequently uses OTC drugs and vitamins, who has a pill organizer for the days of the week, who goes through pain relievers and decongestants like it’s nobody’s business, you need to be shopping at Sam’s. They have over 600 generic medications for $10 or less. Those are big savings. Generic medicine, despite being cheaper, is the same as brand name drugs according to the FDA. Don’t believe us? Take it from the FDA. And if you use prescription drugs, you don’t need a membership for the pharmacy.


10) Pet food

You’d do anything for your furry companion, but you don’t need to break the bank to buy them the best food. Their Member’s Mark line offers discounted pet food, as well as grain-free and high performance options, for as little as 36 cents per pound. Keep your pet’s bowl and your bank account full by saving big on pet food at Sam’s.

Sam’s Club isn’t the only store that has great bargains. Check out our guides on the best deals at Walmart, and the best deals at Costco as well.

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