Game On with our Picks for Best Holiday Deals on Video Games in 2017

Game On with our Picks for Best Holiday Deals on Video Games in 2017

The holidays are right around the corner. If you are still searching for the perfect gift for the gamer in your family, we are here to lend a helping hand. Each year as the holiday season gets underway, an abundance of deals surface. As we near closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the time is ripe for scoring sweet savings on just about everything. Find out what’s hot in the gaming world this year with our picks for best holiday deals on video games in 2017.

Video Game Deals

For Honor $14.99 Xbox One – $24.99 PS4

If you love playing melee hack-and-slashes, then this game has you written all over it. But why pay the $49.99 asking fee elsewhere when Amazon has a screaming deal on it right now. For Prime members, you’ll get this game at a sizeable savings, as the above prices reflect. This well-reviewed title makes the perfect stocking-stuffer for the gamer in your family. Rated M for Mature.

Fallout 4 – $29.99

When the future world ascends into a nuclear apocalypse, you awaken in a cryogenic chamber 200 years later, on the hunt to find out who killed your wife and kidnapped your son, while battling mutants, bandits and robots in a sandbox world. What could be better than this amazing open-world adventure? Well, the awesome price being offered on it for all platforms, that’s what (Xbox One, PS4, PC). Rated M for Mature.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds $29.99

Imagine this: 100 players are parachuted into a random map that’s filled with weapons and upgrades. They are on a timer with the last man standing taking all the points and XP. What would you do to survive? This smash-hit is now available across all platforms and promises endless hours of shooter mayhem and joy. Rated M for Mature.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege: $39.99

You are member of an elite commando unit that is tasked with taking down terrorists. In multiplayer, you’ll join a squad in PVP battles that are epic beyond belief. If you love shooters, this game offers unending play time and realistic battles that have made it a best-seller. Rated M for Mature.

Watch Dogs 2: $26.99

Set in San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 lets you hack into and/or use just about everything in this massive open-world environment as you explore this world alone or with your best gaming buddy by your side. Like the other top picks on our list, this one is also Rated M for Mature.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition: $26.99

The blockbuster Elder Scrolls franchise returns, and this time you have to save Skyrim from dragons and many other evils. The Special Edition comes with several DLCs and delivers hundreds of hours of gaming in a massive open world that is graphically superb and brilliantly rendered. Do you have what it takes to craft armor, make friends, fight enemies and save the world? Rated M for Mature.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset: $94.50

This amazing wireless headset truly is wire-free, and uses a Bluetooth USB dongle to connect to your gaming console. Featuring 50mm speakers with adjustable audio and chat levels as well preprogrammed features like Superhuman Hearing, you’ll be able to game like the best without having to shout, thanks to the in-line mic system that lets you hear what you are saying in your headset. It’s a must-have for all serious gamers.

Xbox One Velvet Dust Cover $21.99

Sick of your Xbox One getting dusty? This awesome and nifty velvet dust cover has you covered. It slides into place when you are not using your game console and is easily removed when it’s time to mash some buttons. It’s the perfect addition for any avid gamer!

Amazon Basics Dual Charging Station Xbox One: $24.99

Just say no to dead batteries in your controller! With this dual charging station, you can always have a backup controller ready to go that’s fully charged. Just swap out controllers and charge the dead one for uninterrupted gaming.


Ultimate Gaming Chair: $149.99

If you are looking for the wow factor gift, consider this awesome ultimate gaming chair. It’s designed to be ergonomically friendly for marathon gaming sessions, and was tested for eight hours of continuous use and sitting. With adjustable arms, lower and upper lumbar and extra padding, you can game until your heart’s content without getting a sore back in the process.

Now that you know what’s hot and how you can get it on the cheap, it’ll be easier than ever to stock presents under the tree or stuff those stockings by the mantle. Here’s to wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season! Game on, fellow gamers. Game on.

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