Where to Find the Best Deals on the Newest Phone Accessories

Where to Find the Best Deals on the Newest Phone Accessories

Whether you are looking for a new phone and some cool new accessories to go with it or you just want to get a better idea of what kind of useful tools you can pair with your phone, there are lots of great websites that offer deals on all the newest technology for your phone.  Here are some of the coolest new things you can pair with your phone and where to find the best deals on the newest phone accessories.

Best New Phone Accessories

1) Tiny Portable Chargers

It’s time to invest in a portable charger if you’re always looking for a place to plug your phone in.  The convenience of being able to charge your phone or tablet anywhere is worth the price.  They have also continued to get smaller so they’re easy to take anywhere now.  The Anker PowerCore+ mini is about the size of lipstick and it’s only $20 on Amazon.  It’s probably the best deal on one of the simplest ways to take some stress out of your life.

2) Bluetooth Headphones

If you have a new iPhone, you’ve already moved onto Bluetooth headphones.  It’s one of the best accessories to pick up this year for everybody else.  You’ll definitely notice the difference right away if you’re still using a headphone jack and wire while working out.  There are a bunch of great Bluetooth headphones designed for exercise.  SENSO Bluetooth Headphones have great reviews on Amazon and they are currently selling for $30.  They have an 8 hour battery life and they’re sweatproof.  You can go crazy at the gym or go for an extremely long run while listening to your favorite music the whole time if you bring that tiny portable charge along for the ride.

3) Enhanced Camera Kits

There are tons of great add-ons that turn your phone into a more professional and fun camera.  You can get cases that allow your phone to be stuck to just about any flat surface for great hands-free photos.  You can get cases that make them feel more like a normal camera.  There are also lots of options to add a wide angle or telephoto lens to your camera phone.  One of the most fun and simplest accessories to get for your phone if you’re a photographer is the Lensbaby Deluxe Creative Mobile Lens.  It has a couple different lens options and allows you to add an assortment of cool effects and artistic flair to your pictures.

4) Waterproof Case

Anyone that has dropped their phone in water or ruined it on an outdoor adventure wishes they had planned ahead and got a case that could protect their phone while enjoying the great outdoors.  Early versions of waterproof cases were usually too bulky to be practical, but that has changed.  Hitcase makes two different cases designed to be easy enough to use when you’re going out on the water, but they are slim enough to feel comfortable using as your regular phone case.  The cases are on sale right now for $69 on their website.


Best Websites with Deals on Newest Phone Accessories

If you are interested in finding the best deals on the newest phone accessories, then you’ll want to put the following websites on your favorites list.  Each of these websites is routinely updated with new sales and special discounts on an array of awesome add-ons and accessories for the most popular phones.  These websites are also the best way to find out all the newest gadgets and accessories that are available for your phone.


It should not be a surprise to anyone that Amazon has one of the most robust lists of deals and discounts on the newest phone accessories for every popular phone.  Their new releases page is one of the best places to find out what phone accessories other people have been the happiest.  You’ll be able to check the reviews and compare prices on phone cases, Bluetooth headphones, chargers, and much more.


Many people think of eBay as the place to get used goods, but more companies than ever have eBay stores for new products now.  The phone accessories section is filled with great deals and discounts on all the newest phone accessories and the page is updated almost every day.  You’ll find discounts of 50% or more on phones, speakers, camera accessories, headphones, phone cases, screen protectors and more.  If you’ve only thought of eBay for used goods, you’ll definitely want to take another look at their site.


Overstock is always filled with great deals on the newest phone accessories, but you can get even better deals right now.  They are currently running the Winter White Blowout sale with discounts up to 70% on all kinds of cell phones and cell phone accessories.  You can currently get huge discounts on Bluetooth headsets, wireless chargers, digital watches, and even most popular cell phones.


Most online shoppers probably know that BestBuy is one of the best places to find deals on the newest phone accessories.  BestBuy has become one of the largest providers of cell phones and phone accessories over the past few years and they routinely have great sales on the accessories.  They are currently running a special offer of 25% off of three or more cell phone accessories.  If you’re just looking for some cool new add-ons for your phone, you’ll want to stop by BestBuy’s site while they are running this deal.


GroupOn probably is not at the top of your list for websites to find the newest phone accessories, but it should be.  The website is adding new special offers and deals every day on a large selection of the most popular phone accessories.  Everything on their site is at least 50% off the retail price.


You should definitely add Blinq to your online shopping list for the newest phone accessories as well.  Their website has discounts up to 70% on all kinds of popular electronics and cell phone accessories are one of their hot spots.  They currently have substantial discounts on all kinds of digital watches and cell phone cases.  It’s always a great idea to check the Featured Sales and New Arrivals section on Blinq.  They are always adding new specials and deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

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