Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Any Holiday

Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Any Holiday

If you’re one of those people that always need to pick up a few last minute gifts, you’re in luck.  There have never been more great options for perfect last minute gifts for anyone.  From concert tickets to online gift cards with instant email options, you can find something for just about anyone right up until Christmas or any other holiday.  We put together a guide for some simple ideas and great websites to use if you are looking for the best last minute gift ideas for any holiday.

1) Event Tickets

One of the more obvious gift ideas that are always available online for last minute purchase are event tickets.  Whether you need to find a gift for a sports fan, an opera aficionado, or Broadway buff, you have lots of great options to find tickets online that can be printed or emailed right after purchase.  This makes them an ideal gift that any would love to receive.  Here are a few of the best websites to find last minute deals:


CheapTickets is a great place to start looking for deals and discounts on lots of concerts, plays, and sporting events.  They are actually a subsidiary of Expedia and have access to nearly every major event you can imagine.

TBA by SeatGeek

SeatGeek has a huge selection of great deals on nearly every live event you can imagine.  They are well-known for great deals and tickets that you might not be able to find elsewhere.  SeatGeek often has the earliest available tickets for festivals and concerts.  They also have great last minute options for any sporting event.


VividSeats has a huge selection of major sporting events, concerts, and more.  They also offer a unique 100% buyer guarantee that assures you will be completely satisfied with your tickets.  This makes it a great place to get one of the best last minute gifts that you know the person you are giving it to will love.

2) Online Gift Cards

Sometimes we overthink finding a great gift for someone we love.  We want to find the perfect gift and tend to forget that we just need to find them something they will be able to use.  You can always figure out a store they frequent or some general type of product they use.  If you can come up with those simple details, then an online gift card might be the best last minute gift idea.  There are lots of options to find last minute deals on online gift cards.  You just want to make sure that you are not ordering something this weekend that will take a week or more to deliver.


RetailMeNot is one of the best websites to find discount gift cards online.  Most of their discount gift cards and exclusive coupons are emailed to you after purchase so it’s also one of the best places to find great last minute gifts.  You do want to confirm that the gift card will be available by email or printable before purchasing because they do have some deals on physical gift cards as well.


Amazon always has a great selection of gift cards and printable coupons.  You just want to make sure to choose eGift or Print at Home, instead of their physical gift cards options.  Certainly, most people can make sure of an Amazon gift card, but Amazon actually offers tons of options on eGift cards and printable coupons to lots of other stores and websites.  It’s worth browsing their great selection if you’re looking for the best last minute gift.

3) Yearly Subscriptions

Instead of looking for something new and unique as a last minute gift, you should consider buying a yearly subscription to something they already use.  You can get a yearly pass to something like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Spotify and you’ll be saving someone money on something you know they already use.  You could also consider getting them a subscription to a magazine or newspaper they enjoy reading (consider one with an online delivery option).

There are also many great options for monthly subscription box services that would allow you to give them unique gifts all year.  You can find subscription box services for food, drinks, clothes, toys, and so much more.  Buy them the yearly subscription option and give them the receipt as the gift.  If you pick the right subscription for that person, it’s something they enjoy each and every month when it arrives.

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