Amazon is the Answer for Non-Electronic Gift Ideas for a Teenager this Xmas

Amazon is the Answer for Non-Electronic Gift Ideas for a Teenager this Xmas

If you’re going to be shopping for a teenager, whether it is your own or another person’s child, you may not feel like feeding into the whole age of technology thing. Not everyone agrees with the amount of time today’s youth spend in front of their electronics. If you are one of these like-minded people, then you have found yourself in the position of looking for gifts that have nothing to do with electronics, and this can be harder than one may think. You can find a lot of good gift ideas that have nothing to do with electronics in this article. Even better, they’re all available on Amazon at affordable prices.

Consider Giving Them a Board Game

A board game is a fantastic idea to give a teen. A board game will be something they can play with their friends or with the family. It will pull them away from those video games and get them enjoying good ‘ol fashioned competition with others in a face to face manner, instead of playing a game against other people they have never met and can’t even see. There are tons of board games to choose from that are well-suited for teens. Just a few examples of the most popular ones include Monopoly, Chess, Clue, and Yahtzee. You can find board games on Amazon starting at $10 and up with plenty of time to get them shipped by the holidays.

Think About Giving Them Tickets to a Show or a Concert

Depending on the age of the teenager you are shopping for, you may find that movie or concert tickets will make great gifts. Giving them a couple tickets to the local movie theater will help get them away from their video games and get them out in the neighborhood being social with their friends. They will be able to use the other ticket to bribe one of their friends to also step away from their electronics and accompany them to the theater. Most teens love their music. Therefore, concert tickets to see one of their favorite bands is something they’ll jump at the chance to enjoy. A lot of people don’t know that Amazon offers StubHub concert tickets at a reduced rate. Start your shopping there.

Give Them a Gift Card to a Local Department Store

When you are looking for non-electrical gifts for a teenager, you may consider giving them clothing. While most teens are very into clothing, they have their own style and the chances are good that you aren’t going to have a very successful time finding them clothing they’ll wear very often. You’d be much better off giving them a gift card for a local department store that you know they like to shop at. If you are going to have to mail your gift to them, then you’ll appreciate the fact that a gift card is also a hassle free and inexpensive gift for you to send off in the mail. You can purchase a gift card in any denomination and this allows you to make sure they get a gift of the exact amount you’d like to give them. You can save time and fuss by looking at discount gift cards on Amazon.

Give Them a Magazine Subscription

Do some asking around and figure out what some of their favorite magazines are. You can purchase them a one-year subscription to a magazine you know they will love. A few examples of types of magazines that may end up being a fantastic choice to give them include music magazines, fashion magazines, celebrity gossip magazines and crafting magazines. The great thing about giving them this type of gift is it will continue to give them a new gift every month for the entire year and they will appreciate the fact that you purchased it for them every time they open their newly delivered magazine. Wouldn’t you know it, your favorite magazines can be bought and subscribed to on Amazon!

Now that you have some extra ideas to consider when it comes to giving the teenager you are buying for something that doesn’t have to do with electronics, you just need to decide on which gift to narrow it down to. The good news is most teenagers would appreciate being given any one of the gifts suggested above. If you aren’t sure about them, then you can use this information to come up with more ideas of your own.

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