6 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Webrooming

6 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Webrooming

If you are unfamiliar with what “webrooming is” or how you can use webrooming to find deals online that you never knew existed, pay close attention. Webrooming is where you compare one product between several different online stores to find the lowest price. But it goes much further than this, at least for adept webroomers. The following six tips will not only connect you to signature savings each and every time, but will ensure that you always get the best price possible.

Not Using a Webrooming Browser Extension

One of the simplest ways to become a pro webroomer in no time is to think outside of the box. Instead of manually comparing prices between stores, which can be fun but time consuming, use a web browser add-on to find the best price instead. Click the link we just gave you, and you’ll find a list of five awesome web browser add-ons that can save you money at checkout. These add-ons are free and come from verified publishers.

Not Abandoning the Shopping Cart

What is shopping cart abandonment? It’s where you’ve shopped at a store and added some items to the cart. But just before you go to check out, you leave the cart and the store to shop for something else. Here’s where it applies for webrooming: Retailers often will have preprogrammed deals that give you added savings when you click to abandon the cart. Commonly, these deals surface in the form of a popup or an email with a special offer (if you provided your email address). It’s always worth a few extra clicks to save 10% or more on that purchase.

Not Clearing Your Browser History

Failure to clear your browser history or to shop using a blind or incognito mode can cost you. That’s because most online stores track your visits via a cookie, a snippet of code that stays in your web browser. Time sensitive deals can actually read these cookies and run clandestine programs that tick the price up on impulse items as you revisit the store (this is especially true with online hotel booking services and auction websites). Instead, browse in private mode or clear your history to get the lowest prices displayed the first time.

Not Signing Up to Newsletters

Most online stores want you to sign-up for their newsletters. This commonly ignored offering quite often comes at a loss of potential savings to you, though. That’s because the moment you sign-up, most online retailers will reward you with one-time use coupons that give you significant savings. The average is 10% just for putting your email address in. Make sure you include this on your to-do list when webrooming to find deals… it could save you a small fortune during your next shopping trip.

Not Looking for Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are so much easier to redeem than the old-school paper ones. All it generally takes is a click on the coupon or adding the code at the time of checkout to the proper field. But you have to know where to look for them before you can save money. Looking for digital coupons to slash the cost of the products you want to buy is smart thinking, and we have you covered in this simple guide that will help you save more money each time you shop online.

Not Comparing Marketplace Options

Did you know that around 50% of all searches for ecommerce products begin at Amazon? That’s because more than 2 million merchants offer more than 2 billion products at any given time here. It’s a great place to double check and make sure that you are getting the lowest price and best shipping option. In many cases, Amazon merchants will have a better price, low or free shipping, easier returns and verified reviews. When webrooming to find the best deals, Amazon should be one of the first places that you cross-reference before closing the sale.

Remember, the beauty in webrooming is that you can do it on your own time, wherever and whenever you please, provided you have an internet enabled device available. Unlike local shopping, and unlike showrooming for the best prices, webrooming to find deals is essentially like you are using an internet browser as your online shopping mall. By incorporating a few of the simple methods that we’ve revealed to you here today, you can buy those items online knowing that you’ve gotten the best possible deal on them.

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