11 Hidden Discounts at Costco That Will Save You a Small Fortune

11 Hidden Discounts at Costco That Will Save You a Small Fortune

There are numerous perks of a Costco membership that you may not know about if you don’t have one; and plenty of active members are unaware of these secret Costco discounts, too. The $55 annual membership fee gets you a lot more than you may think. While Amazon may dominate the online world of savings, we’ll show you 11 ways that you can fatten your wallet and ease your life just by keeping an annual membership in this superstore.

11 Hidden Discounts at Costco

  1. Travel Perks: Did you know that Costco has a travel agency? Before you book at an online service, make sure you check with your local Costco travel agent first. They’ll hook you up with a wide variety of discounts at your favorite hotels and resorts, travel agencies, attractions, rental car providers and more. They also will help you plan that idyllic vacation abroad, too.
  2. Discounts on Prescriptions: Need to get those name brand drugs for less? One of the best discounts at Costco you’ll find is at the pharmacy counter. You’ll save a bundle on name brand drugs and generics. Just take a look at all the drugs that are covered, offered for as much as 40% off.
  3. Free Technical Support: Costco sells a wide variety of electronics, from TVs to juicers and everything in between. What most people don’t know, however, is that they offer free technical support to their members. Whether you need help with an appliance or are struggling to get your new laptop setup, Costco’s technical support is here to help you during your time of need.
  4. Book Signings: While not technically a discount, you can still skip the lengthy line at most bookstores by instead looking at what authors are offering book signings at the Costco near you. Most major authors include this store on their list of signing tours, and it’s an easy way for you to up the value of that book you just purchased by adding a signed autograph.
  5. Hearing & Vision Tests: One of the most valuable of hidden discounts at Costco are the free hearing and vision tests that most people don’t know they offer. The vision and hearing centers (hosted at select stores) always offer a complimentary examination to all members. If it turns out you need a device, you can get name brand glasses and hearing products at a discount.
  6. Water Delivery: When most people think of bottled water delivery, they think of a major provider like Nestle. Little do they know that their Costco membership can get them amazing discounts on bottled water delivery services, with prices starting at just $6.99 per month and steep discounts offered on dispenser units.
  7. Cheap Movie Tickets: Sick of paying $20 for an adult during the most popular viewing times just to catch a new release flick on the silver screen? Costco has you covered here as well. Take a look at their movie ticket selections, which feature all new release major motion pictures. You’ll need to buy tickets in four-packs or more to get the bulk discounts, but the savings can add up fast for your family.
  8. Discount Insurance: Whether you need renter’s insurance, auto, home, life or mover’s insurance, you’ll find it at Costco for less. Who knew? Thanks to their partnership with Ameriprise, you can get a complimentary quote with convenient payment options. Costco also can help you find medical and dental insurance, too.
  9. Discount Checks: Nobody wants to pay the bank’s price on checks. But with your Costco membership, you won’t have to. They offer a decent selection of personal and business checks, offered at a substantial discount from what your bank would charge you for the same thing.
  10. Home Loans: Say what? Costco can help you get a mortgage? They offer exclusive mortgage options for members, which connect you to preferred lenders who offer you locked in rates and special discounts that you won’t get anywhere else.
  11. Cheap Gasoline: Of course, we’ve all seen the gas stations that are located around most Costco stores. They hook up their members with a special savings that can range as much as $0.25 per gallon in savings or more. You’ll need your card handy to gas up, but the savings will add up quickly with each tank you fill.

These are but a few of the many different ways that you can save a small fortune by using your Costco membership to tap into instant discounts. While this superstore has made a name by offering bulk goods for less, there is a lot more to it than at first meets the eye. If you’ve been wagering whether the annual fee is worth it, knowing about these hidden perks can make all the difference.

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