10 Places Where You’ll to Save a Fortune on Discount Designer Purses & Handbags

10 Places Where You’ll to Save a Fortune on Discount Designer Purses & Handbags

Discount Designer Purses & Handbags, Discount Designer Purses, Discount Designer handbagsSpeaking from the other side of the coin here—as a man who’s married to a girl who loves designer handbags and purses—I can attest that I’d never pay full price for them; and I never have!

Why? Because with a little bit of digging, you can easily get your hands on discount designer purses and handbags for a lot less than you might think.

My wife loves designer goods. And we have a closet full of them. The picture you see above  is of her holding a Burberry handbag that we bought from one of the sites I’m about to deliver to you. But guess what? We paid about 65% less than retail for it, and so can you. Whether your fancy is Burberry (we got one at 65% off), Coach (have one at 90% off), Michael Kors (have one at 45% off), Luis Vuitton (got one at 50% off) or Gucci (still have to buy one), the following 10 places are where the getting is good. And I mean good.

So do yourself a favor, girls, stop overpaying for designer and check these places out before you spend too much on treating yourself to that fancy new handbag.

Amazon: Take a look at what you can find on Amazon. More than half of consumers begin their search here for a good reason: The prices are hard to beat. In particular, I like the selection of Rioni handbags they offer – which look similar to Luis Vuitton bags – for amazing prices. Last time I checked, I found a Signature Brown Tall Tote for just $135. That’s on my holiday list for wifey.

LuxedHd: If you are super picky about designer brands – and God knows I am too – then make sure you check out Luxed HD. Every major brand of designer handbag you know and love is offered here, but for a lot less than MSRP. These are near-mint condition preowned bags that guaranteed authentic or your money back. You can even finance them via Affirm with simple monthly payments that make it even easier to own a bag you love.

6pm: If you’ve read my other posts on discount designer, then you already know I love this site. Why? Because they have $395 Coach carryalls for just $154.99, or $258 Michael Kors bags for just $139.99. Name your brand, and you’ll find it for around 40-65% off instantly at this site, which also offers fast shipping and easy returns. What’s not to love?

The OutNet: I had never heard of this site before today. But I am instantly in love. You’ll get wholesale, clearance pricing on a wide variety of discount designer purses and handbags. For example, you can get a Love Power mini leather-trimmed satin bucket bag by DIANE VON FURSTENBERG for $88 (MSRP is $200). Or you can get an Emil textured leather shoulder bag by Alexander Wang for $387 (is normally $748).

Last Call: Here’s yet another amazing shopping options that’s hosting a massive 50% Black Friday sale (for a limited time, ladies). They only sell designer goods, and they have an impressive and growing selection of handbags, totes, purses, backpacks, shoes and accessories offered at prices that will make you want to max out your highest limit credit card.

I Love Dooney:  You’ll love Dooney too – whomever that is – after you see their incredible prices on designer bags and purses. Authenticity is guaranteed, and returns are easy. So no worries there, girls. What you will love, though, are deals like this Cambridge Shoulder Bag for just $197 (normally is $328), or this Lulu Abby Satchel for just $124 (normally is $248).

Belk: You may not have ever heard of Belk until now, but bookmark it in your browser! Do it. It’s loaded with designer goods at wholesome prices and should be on every girl’s shopping list. This Michael Kors Paisley backpack is just $213 (normally is $358), and this Jessica Simpson Eva Tote is only $55 (normally $108).

Fashion Pile: Fashion Pile is great for getting awesome deals on designer bags and for selling the designer stuff you no longer use, so you can recycle that cash into something new for your wardrobe. You’ll find all kinds of bags, accessories and jewelry here, offered by private sellers at amazing prices with authenticity assured or your money back.

iOffer: This site is nearly a carbon-copy of Fashion Pile with a slightly different layout. Basically, you’ll be bidding on designer handbags against other buyers, hoping that you get the winning bid. It’s kind of like the eBay of slightly used designer goods, which makes it easy to stock up for less.

My Designerly: Last on my list is My Designerly – which sells new designer bags and purses for less. Impressive offerings include this Saint Laurent Y Studs Suede Crossbody Shoulder Bag for $849 (is normally $1,595), or this AUTH YSL Saint Laurent Beige Caviar leather Monogram Large Wallet Nude for just $349 (is normally $795).

Hopefully you enjoy your next shopping spree. While you are at it, make sure you read my other guides to save even more money on the leading designer brands.

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