10 Best Deals at Walmart (You’ll Be Surprised)

10 Best Deals at Walmart (You’ll Be Surprised)

In the wake of an Amazon dominated e-commerce world, brick and mortar retail has its own king: Walmart. The vast arrays of these signature locations are carefully stocked to the ceiling (or nearly) with just about every kind of trinket, gadget, cleaning supply, office supply, apparel, electronic device, and everything else in between, that you could ever think of purchasing. Walmart has carved a name for itself by pledging to offer the lowest possible prices on everyday goods and foods. Commonly overlooked, however, are some signature deals. Here’s a list of the 10 best deals at Walmart that you may not have known about.

  1. Furniture: If you love Ikea furniture, then you owe it to yourself to consider taking a look at the Walmart line of furnishing, which offers similar design and quality for much lower price tag. They list an assortment of desks, entertainment centers, bookshelves, shelving units, tables, chairs and more that deliver a comparable quality for less money.
  2. Futons: Perhaps the last place that you’d think to buy a futon would be Walmart, but you’d be doing your wallet a disservice to not consider this place on your shopping list. Their line of Mainstay futons are crafted from quality materials and retail for around $98 apiece, offering a healthy discount off competing brands.
  3. TVs: Walmart features a growing selection of HDTVs that are offered at rock bottom prices, even when compared to those that you’d find on Amazon, at Best Buy or at Fry’s Electronics. In fact, their TVs are so popular that they routinely receive awards for the lowest price on name brand TVs, according to DealNews. You can opt to with go an off-brand and save a fortune or still get a screaming deal on a name brand like Samsung.
  4. Legos: Everyone had Legos as a kid, and our parents moaned about how expensive it was for a small plastic building kit. Mall stores have routinely marked up these products by a large margin, but Walmart doesn’t. A quick comparison will reveal that you save 10% or more buy purchasing Legos here instead of at a name brand store like Toys R Us.
  5. Arts & Crafts Supplies: For the artsy hobbyist, Walmart is a must-stop supply store. Just about everything that you need for arts and crafts, ranging from yarn and needles to supplies, are offered here for less than you’d pay at places like Michael’s or Joanne’s.
  6. LED Lighting: Walmart offers a decent selection of LED lamps that are priced lower than their competitors, with their LED desk lamps offering a great comparative value. A quick online comparison reveals that you can find the same LED desk lamps at Walmart for as much as 80% off what other stores like Target are charging for the same thing.
  7. Laundry Detergent: A long held secret, one of the best deals at Walmart to be had is still laundry detergent. Walmart’s detergent offerings on name brands factors to be around $0.02 cheaper per ounce, with no other local retailer being able to match the price, namely because Walmart buys these products in such bulk and passes the savings on to its customers.
  8. Name Brand Coffee: Love Starbucks, Folgers or Dunkin Donuts coffee? Then you are in luck because these are among the best deals at Walmart to be had. A simple online price comparison finds that Starbucks retails for about $0.8 less per ounce at Walmart than it does at Target or other local retailers. For coffee lovers, this can amount to a small fortune saved over the course of a year.
  9. Wine: Wine lovers know that their preferred beverage rarely comes cheap and tastes good. But surprisingly, Walmart has its own signature brand called Oak Leaf that sells for just $2.29 per bottle. Wine experts have lavished praise on it as being a great value. Compared to the wine they sell at Trader Joe’s, such as their signature Two Buck Chuck, you’ll save at least $0.70 per bottle or more.
  10. Organic Produce: You don’t have to spend a fortune at Sprouts or Whole Foods to get a great bargain on organic produce and foods. From closeout deals on organic produce and foodsto better prices on things like coconut oil, almond butter and even meats and cheeses, Walmart has the competition squarely beat by a solid margin that will help you fatten up your checking account with each trip.

Let’s face it, a trip to this superstore can be a lengthy one, similar to when you decide to go on a Costco stock-up trip. But given all the ways that you can save a ton of money, it’s a no-brainer for people who are frugal or have a strict budget to adhere to. And with these 10 best deals at Walmart on your checklist, you’ll be able to save more each time you shop.

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