Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review – Is It Going to Change the Way You Snooze?

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review – Is It Going to Change the Way You Snooze?

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed may be priced in the upper echelon of all bed types, but does it really help you visit the sandman without counting as many sheep? That’s what we’ve been wondering after seeing so much hoopla about it circulating online and in the media, leading up to us creating our very own Sleep Number 360 smart bed review.

According to Consumer Reports, the Sleep Number smart bed performs very well in their “mattress tests,” gaining consistently high marks for “support and durability,” with a specific disclaimer that the report did not focus on if this bed was “smarter than other beds.” The conclusion, however, is certain to reinforce that you will get a better night’s sleep from the bed.

So what could possibly make this bed a “smart bed” and will it really be worth the mattress price tag equivalent to buying a brand-new Lexus? Taking a look at a recent Engadget review of the 360 smart bed, where the reporter actually got to test one out at a trade show earlier this year, where they were being showcased, is telling.

The writer explains that the mattress comes with some cool automated features, like a foot warmer that’s at the bottom of the bed that automatically turns on when you lay down. The frame also features some LED lights that detect movement in the middle of the night and turn on to help guide your way. What’s more, the 360 can integrate with smartphone apps, like FitBit and Nest and the 360s’ very own SleepIQ, to help learn your sleeping habits, air conditioning preferences and more.

The Sleep Number 360 does goad one big promise to its end customer: “When you go to sleep, the bed goes to work.” This happens in four separate ways during the night.”

Automatically Adjusts As You Sleep – The mattress is supposed to adjust to your sleeping movements and positions helping to reduce pressure points, aches and pains, no matter what way you sleep or how much you move.

Reduces Snoring – The 360 is supposed to link to your smartphone and learn about your sleeping patterns. Using the SleepIQ app, it can learn when you snore and can adjust the bed as you sleep to prevent or eliminate snoring.

Temperature Control – The Sleep Number has a built-in footwarmer that adjusts the interior climate of the bed to give you the ideal comfort temp for sleeping soundly.

Smart Alarm – The smart bed also has a built-in smart alarm that gently wakes you up each morning, and is supposedly able to detect when you start rousing from a long night’s slumber.

Our Scoop

Is the Sleep Number 360 really this good? So far, Consumer Reports, Engadget and Slumber Search have given it top tier ratings. Sure, it’s really cool to have a bed do all of these things, but at what cost, what level of maintenance and what actual functionality? I mean, we all remember the world’s very first smartphones – and they were a far cry from being able to adequately perform all of their features and functions when first revealed. In fact, some smartphones, during the early era, were downright disappointing to be honest.

Even Engadget noted that there were malfunctioning tech parts in the bed they tested, such as the fact that the Bluetooth was not working. Which means that without certain moving parts in action, the bed is not very smart at all, and becomes an overpriced, if good looking, mattress and frame. What’s more, how long will the heating unit last, what type of warranty is offered and just how much does Sleep Number 360 cost to give you a sound sleep?

Key Features:

  • The entry-level version is offered at $899 with zero-interest financing available, according to Sleep Number.
  • The mattress comes with a 100-day free trial with no-questions-asked returns.
  • A 25-year limited warranty is offered.
  • High-end models with all the fancy features, functions and frame run about $3,000.

Is This Bed Right for You?

Is the Sleep Number 360 the right bed for you? Considering the low price of the entry-level versions, it may be if you find yourself in need of an upgrade. With lucrative financing options available and plenty of affordable upgrades, it may make sense to consider a smart bed after all. Because at the end of the day, a good night’s sleep truly is priceless.

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