Office Depot vs Staples: Where You’ll Find the Biggest Discounts on Office Supplies

Office Depot vs Staples: Where You’ll Find the Biggest Discounts on Office Supplies

Business owners and managers are always looking for discounts on the office supplies they need. If you’re able to plan ahead, there are lots of great options online. For those people that are looking to purchase essential supplies that day, you will typically have two main options in your city, Office Depot & Office Max or Staples. These two office supply giants make up about 70% of office supply sales in the US, although that number has declined since 2007.

Most people probably want a simple answer to where to find the biggest discounts between these two major retailers. Unfortunately, it’s typically not as simple as picking one or the other. Office Depot and Staples are regularly changing prices and offering discounts to try to one-up each other. There are also lots of other great options out there for discounts on office supplies. To make it easier, we put together a simple guide on how to get the biggest discounts on office supplies.


Even though Staples has lost some market share since 2007, they are still the leader in office supply discounts and locations. The best place to start your search for the biggest discounts on office supplies is the Daily Deals section of Staples website. It is updated with new sales and specials nearly every day. You can get 20-70% discounts on computers, electronics, office furniture, pens, paper, toiletries, and much more. The Daily Deals are always limited time offers so you will want to make your decision that day if you find a great price on something you need for the office.

Staples also runs regular promos and specials with a few discount websites. GroupOn typically has some of the best coupons and special promo codes for Staples. They are currently offering a few great deals, including a coupon for 50% off your next order that can be used online or in-store.

If your business needs to purchase office supplies regularly, then you will want to sign up for the Staples Business Membership. They have regular deals reserved for members and you will get an additional 5% back on all purchases if you qualify for a More Account. These deals and additional cash back can typically make Staples the best place to buy your office supplies. Membership will also qualify your business for free shipping on all orders over $25. Staples also has one of the most aggressive price match policies of any major retailer in any industry. They will almost always beat any advertised price on any item by 10%.

Office Depot OfficeMax

That might look like a typo, but the two companies have joined forces and their business name is a bit redundant. Office Depot actually bought OfficeMax in 2013 and they have operated under that one name since then. Some retail locations have simply kept one name or the other. Whether the name seems slightly odd or not, you will not want to ignore the second largest office supply retailer in the country.
Office Depot OfficeMax has a fantastic selection of daily deals and special clearance products as well. They are often trying to slightly beat daily deals on Staples so it’s a great idea to compare the two before purchasing from either. Currently, they have some of the best deals on office furniture, laptops, and printers that you can get anywhere. Obviously, you can use these deals to get a price match at Staples if you are a rewards member and you find the same product at Staples. Office Depot OfficeMax has a price match policy, but it is not quite as consumer-friendly as Staples. Their rewards program offers 2% back on member purchases. It is still a good idea to sign up for that program if you will be making any purchases from Office Depot OfficeMax.


It should not be a surprise that Amazon has become a major player in office supplies. Amazon’s Daily Deals on office supplies should also be on your list if you are searching for the biggest discounts. They currently have a large selection of printers for less than $100. There are not many office products you won’t find some kind of deal on when you search through the Deals page on Amazon. However, you should keep Staples price match policy in mind if you really want to take advantage of the Amazon deals. You can use the advertised prices on Amazon to get a price match plus 10% off at Staples. That might seem like a lot of work, but both sites make it easy to search for a specific item and you can simply bring that Amazon ad with you to Staples to get a 10% discount.

Best Buy

Best Buy has a huge selection of discounted office supplies on their website and in stores. They also have a rewards program that compares with Staples. All members will get points back for 5% off future purchases. If you are looking for electronics around the office, Best Buy will typically have the best selection and best advertised price. You may be able to use that price if the same product is available at Staples for a better price, but Best Buy has far more electronics for sale.
Ultimately, Staples is the leader in office supplies for a reason. They have a large selection in all office supply categories in their stores and online. They also have the best price match policy and rewards program for businesses looking for the biggest discounts on office supplies. With just a bit of comparison shopping, you can get even better discounts from them. It does not mean that they will always have exactly what office supplies you need or the brands you want. Use these four stores and you are likely to find the biggest discount possible with the largest selection of brands on all your office supplies.

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