Will the LeEco Smart Bike Break Into the Cycling Industry?

Will the LeEco Smart Bike Break Into the Cycling Industry?

For the longest time, kids didn’t ask for much when it came to bikes. They need to just work. The pedaling has to come easy. And it has to at least look cool. Otherwise, all sorts of features were never necessary except for back in the day kids rode bikes when they didn’t have their PlayStation 4’s or smartphones to play games with bikes doing crazier things than they could do in real life. That brings up an astounding fact about the LeEco smart bike soon to be released in 2017:

We Think LeEco Is Banking on the Fact That the New Millennials and Children Want EVERYTHING Built In to Their Bikes

And it makes sense when you think about it. The “Internet of Things” has been trending all over: our microwaves are wireless capable, our fridges can communicate online with the washer and dryer. Our TVs are smart, linked with our online Facebook accounts. These days, every thing gets autonomously connected. Even cars.

So why not bikes?

The truth is it’s a lot to ask for something that kids may only use around the block. But that hasn’t stopped eEco from trying to break the mold and set a new trend. Their smart bike has taken the idea of wireless capability and managed to create a masterpiece worthy of an auto show. It’s pretty. And it’s durable, much more than your average bicycle.

One thing’s clear — their product’s designed for the serious cyclist. If you’re into mountain biking, this smart bike most likely will be the perfect product. But believe it or not, LeEco’s made this product expansive and adaptable to urban conditions.

Here Are Some of the Features You’ll Find on the LeEco Smart Bike

For starters, the bicycle actually isn’t the first of its kind. LeEco has been testing and demo’ing such a product for quite a while, but hasn’t even tried to test the market and officially launch a product. They featured the smart bike at CES 2017 with some interesting responses given its remarkable safety feature: laser lights on the handlebars.

The point of those lights isn’t to scare people, but rather emit line marks travelling with you at about three meters away from either side of you, creating a “bike lane.” That allows drivers to not only see you — but just how far away they need to be from you.

So clearly LeEco made this smart bike to not only be for rural recreation, but urban travel. It’s a bike technically making travel easier, from a certain point of view, and with these other features, it’s plain to see:

  • Integrated Android System
  • Third-Party Sensors to Track Your Pulse
  • 4-Inch Tablet Display Control Panel
  • Touchscreen With Built-in Snapdragon 410 Processor
  • Telecommunications (Walkie-Talkie Feature)
  • and a 4G LTE Radio

You’re basically riding a high-performing tablet with two wheels. And it can literally do anything you want that you can possibly do on a bike (except give you a water bottle — that, you have to do on your own).

Instantly, though, you realize that this isn’t just for travel or recreation, but also for health and piece-of-mind purposes.

The Point of the Sensors Is to Track Your Power and Pulse, But the Smart Bike Can Do Even More Than That (and Slightly Disappoint as Well)

As we mentioned, it has telecommunications features. Not like an intercom with a headpiece, though — but a real smartphone feature in the form of the tablet via the control panel. You simply swipe and tap to call, and you can have a conversation while mountain biking in the Rockies.

On paper, it sounds cool, but in practice, there were some bugs, understandably, given that this is a moving contraption that bumps and grinds, and you can’t expect some of the state-of-the-art cloud technology to work as seamlessly as it does for a static unmoving smartphone.

In other words…. The tablet on the display didn’t work as slick as we’re used to. A downside, obviously, especially while biking — because it can be a distraction, detracting from typical safety protocol while riding on the main street amid the moving steel cars.

However, keep in mind this important fact about the LeEco smart bike: it is, of course, a test prototype, albeit impressive in its own right. You can bet LeEco will be on hand to improve the system functionality, and the proof is in the pudding with the OS 2.0, featuring less stock Android and more flexible features we all love:

  • Simplified Options
  • a Home Button
  • a Music Tab for Listening to Playlists
  • Track Settings

Hence you can listen to the FM stations if you want; or you can access your cloud playlist, Pandora, or Spotify. Very interesting. There’s even a headphone port.

Before you start wondering if this bike would last for long rides up and down San Francisco streets, keep in mind that you’re dealing with high-end materials. Carbon fiber frame, handlebars, for starters, plus the seat post and wheels are top of the line with other parts designed specifically out of SRAM. It’s obvious that LeEco still does want to highlight that the serious biker — and not just a grade school kid — will fit well with the product.

That’s not the best feature, though, for a professional cyclist:

On top of all of that, the bicycle features a new 1X drive train system, allowing you to actually switch more gears to the rear wheel. In other words, you can then customize the gear shifts to suit your taste and essentially simplify and lighten up the bike for even cleaner travelling and transporting (up and down stairs, up steep hills, that sort of thing).

Clearly, the LeEco Smart Bike Might Make a Killing

The keyword is might — as there currently isn’t much information as far as price. Bikes already do cost a bunch, for the most part, so you can only imagine just how many dimes it would take to earn this one in your garage.

For serious bikers, it may be worth it. Especially if they last a very long time. But what happens when the features take a dump? What happens if the parts are proprietary? All of that is currently mum, as you can’t take the smart bike, most likely, to just any bike shop and get the body fixed.

Whenever LeEco does finally release this smart bike, it’ll turn some heads, for sure. Until then, you’ll have to do with the standard, which at least at this point, many mountain bikers won’t complain….

After all, the point of mountain biking is to get away from everything else and be one with the nature around you. Just you and a water bottle.

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