Is AmazonFresh a Great Deal?

Is AmazonFresh a Great Deal?

AmazonFresh is the new food delivery service available to Amazon Prime members in many major cities around the world.  It allows you to put together a list of all your groceries and have them delivered right to your home.  It sounds awesome to get all your groceries delivered and there’s little doubt that it will save you time, but the devil is in the details as to whether it will actually save money for you and your family.

What Does AmazonFresh Cost?

There are a couple costs associated with having an AmazonFresh account.  First, you need to be an Amazon Prime member, which currently costs you $99 annually or $10 monthly.  Then, you will need to sign up for the Fresh add-on at $179.88 per year or $14.99 per month.  So you’ve spent $278.88 for a year of the service and haven’t actually gotten any food yet. What gives?

The cost of groceries is separate, so you really need to figure out if the foods you order are cheaper on Amazon.  Many of them are offered at lower prices than most grocery stores.  Packaged products, like snacks, chips, and prepared meals are generally at least 15% off on AmazonFresh.  However, most produce and perishables are significantly more expensive.  If you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, you will probably want to continue to buy them from your current grocery store or supplier.  We have a great guide to finding local organic produce at the lowest cost to help you out here.

Best Quality Products on AmazonFresh

The quality and selection of products available on AmazonFresh have grown quickly with the inclusion of Whole Foods. You can find a large selection of just about anything you would find in your local grocery store.  Recent reports show that Amazon is lowering prices by as much as 43 percent in all Whole Foods stores.  This is great news for anyone that currently shops at Whole Foods, but it should also lower prices for some of the items that are currently higher than your local grocer, like produce and perishables.

AmazonFresh lets you quickly navigate between dairy, deli, bakery, beverages, meal kits and much more in just a few clicks and add anything you want to your order with a single click.  You will also want to regularly check the Fresh Deals section, as you’re likely to find something you already have on your shopping list offered at a substantial discount.

How Does AmazonFresh Delivery Work?

The AmazonFresh Delivery options are quickly evolving with the purchase of Whole Foods.  Wikipedia has a regularly updated list of the cities and markets that currently offer AmazonFresh delivery. If you have a Whole Foods in your city, it should not take long for AmazonFresh to start delivering to your city in the near future.

The delivery schedule for those cities where AmazonFresh currently operates is impressive.  If you place an order before 10am, it will be delivered by dinner time (roughly 6pm).  Any orders placed after 10am will be delivered the next day.

AmazonFresh offers two main options for delivery:

  • Attended delivery allows you to choose a one-hour delivery window when you will be available to accept the shipment.
  • Doorstep delivery will allow you to choose a two to three-hour window for the delivery and have the shipment left behind in temperature-controlled totes.
  • All orders of more than $40 get free shipping on all AmazonFresh orders.

AmazonFresh is also starting to offer pickup options in some cities as well.  This option is sure to expand as part of their acquisition of Whole Foods.  You can place your order online and pick it up at your desired time locally, and at most Whole Foods in the near future.  This is a great option if you regularly pass by one of the locations that have started offering pickup for online orders.  It is very likely that every Whole Foods will become a pickup location eventually.

AmazonFresh & Dash Wand Makes Shopping Stupid-Simple

It’s no surprise that Amazon’s push into the grocery delivery market is going to leverage their Alexa technology.  The Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa is so simple that it’s kind of addictive. Just scan the barcode of a product or item when you are out or running low and it will be added to your AmazonFresh shopping list in real-time.  The Dash Wand is about the size of an electronic key and it’s magnetic, so you can hang it on your refrigerator or key ring.  It currently sells for $20 and it’s likely to save you $20 worth of time over the next few months.  If you plan on using AmazonFresh, the Dash Wand is certainly worth adding to your next order.

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