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This Smart, Wearable Tech is the Future

One of the fastest growing technology industries might surprise you. It’s actually wearable tech, something the CCS Insight report, as covered in Forbes, finds will surpass $34 billion per year by 2020. Topping the list are smartwatches (the most popular wearable tech item) and fitness trackers (the second most popular wearable tech item). These two […]

Back to the Future: Why Virtual Reality Shopping is the Next Big Thing

The future of virtual reality and shopping is unfolding right before our very eyes. And it’s exciting, indeed! The last three years have brought the often talked about and written about dream of an unbridled virtual online world to life. While there are still some kinks to work out, it’s shaping up to be one […]

Why the New Asus ZenFone AR Just Might Bury the iPhone (and Other Smartphones)

We can all assume that Apple’s iPhone has become the staple in the smartphone industry. Sure, Google Play and Android has its demographic, but let’s face it — when we think of smartphone, nine times out of ten, we think iPhone. There’s only one iPhone, and about a million different Android smartphones out there. Seems like a really […]