Best Places to Travel to Take Advantage of Strong US Currency Exchange Rates

Best Places to Travel to Take Advantage of Strong US Currency Exchange Rates

If you are planning your next vacation, it’s a great time to travel abroad with the US dollar because of the strong exchange rate.  We put together a list of the best countries to consider for international travel based on current exchange rates and the availability of discount vacation packages.

Costa Rica

1 US Dollar = 569.38 Costa Rican Colon

This is near historic highs for the value of the US Dollar against the Costa Rican Colon, which means it will be about as cheap as ever to travel to Costa Rica right now.  The dry season in Costa Rica is generally December to April.  That does make it the most popular and most expensive time to travel there, but that doesn’t mean there are no good deals out there. and both have all-inclusive deals for various cities in Costa Rica that start around $550 for 5 days with flights.  These good deals are appealing because they make a trip to a foreign country affordable and easy.

You can also find great deals all over Costa Rica on Airbnb as well.  This might be the cheapest way to travel abroad while still staying in a nice place with just your group.  You can find an assortment of houses, condos, and apartments to stay in between $50 and $125 per night.  This would allow you to explore the city and take advantage of the currency exchange at local stores, restaurants and bars.  It also makes it easier to travel to multiple cities if you want.

South Africa

Current Exchange Rate: 1 US Dollar = 14.13 South African Rand

The exchange rate was about 6 South African Rand to 1 US Dollar within the past 5 years.  It is now over 14 Rand to 1 Dollar.  This means it is a fantastic time to plan a trip to South Africa.   The most popular time to visit South Africa is from May to September.  However, many parts of South Africa have nice weather year-round.  There are many different climates throughout the country, so you will want to figure out where you are going before you decide the dates for your trip.

Expedia has a large selection of South African travel packages that start as low as $660.  They have options in all the large cities, like Johannesburg, Natal and the Eastern Cape.  They even have special deals for Kruger National Park, too.


1 US Dollar = 19.14 Mexican Pesos

The US Dollar is currently worth about twice as much as it was worth 10 years ago against the Mexican Peso.  It is a great time to take advantage of how far your US dollars can go in Mexico.  You can always find lots of attractive, all-inclusive offers for major resorts in lots of the most popular cities.  TravelZoo has a large selection of great deals for Mexican vacations starting at $500 that include airfare.  US News recently ranked the best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

You should probably check out the Top 20 vacation rentals in Mexico on Airbnb before you book that resort vacation.  There are a great selection of amazing homes and condos at very affordable daily rates.


Current Exchange Rate: 1 US Dollar = 3041.86 Colombian Pesos

The US Dollar was strongest against the Colombian Peso in late 2015, but it has not lost much of that value.  It is still a great time to take advantage of the strong US Dollar exchange rate in Colombia.  The most popular time of year to travel there is December through February; you can save even more by waiting until the tourist season ends.

There are still active travel warnings for parts of Colombia from a number of governments around the world, including the US, but most of them involve warnings about going into rural areas or near the borders of Venezuela and Panama.  Most travel guides on Colombia say that things have changed significantly in much of the country.  Tourism was up 11% in Colombia last year so it will probably become more expensive to travel to the most popular cities.


1 US Dollar = 4.23 Malaysian Ringgit

There are many countries in Southeast Asia that have great currency exchange rates right now.  Malaysia is one of the best current deals for US citizens because of the strong value of the US Dollar against the Malaysian Ringgit.  It is roughly 50% stronger than it was 5 years ago. has a great selection of vacation packages starting at roughly $40 per night for resorts and hotels all over Malaysia.  Most of their trips do not include the flight, so you will have to factor that substantial expense into the trip.

Honorable Mentions:


Current Exchange Rate: 1 US Dollar = 17.66 Argentine Pesos


1 US Dollar = 3.27 Brazilian Real


1 US Dollar = 1.31 Australian Dollar



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