8 Mobile Coupon Apps That Make it Easy to Save $$$

8 Mobile Coupon Apps That Make it Easy to Save $$$

Let’s face it, clipping coupons is so 1992. Today’s smartphones make it easy to save serious dough no matter what you are shopping for. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these eight awesome mobile coupon apps that make it virtually effortless to save big bucks every time you shop.

SnipSnap is a really cool coupon app that is available for Android and iOS devices free of charge. Think of this app like your personal coupon book, but fully digital. You can easily search for retailers and name brand products, with the ability to download the coupons right to your smartphone or tablet device.

At the time of checkout, all you have to do is pull up the coupon code on your smartphone screen and have the clerk scan it. That’s it! You’ll instantly get the discount offered, and the app will track how many discounts you’ve gotten and how much money it’s saved you. What’s more, you can find instant savings with the “Near Me” feature, which helps you get the best local and online deals to be had.

Yowza has a really unique name, and even better savings. Unlike many other coupon apps that require that existing users upload coupons for storage and sharing, this app actually lets the retailers add coupons instead. The result is more coupons that are valid and better savings when you go to checkout locally or online.

There are more than 70,000 participating retailers and the app also scans where you can find the best deals every day in your location. For example, if you are shopping at Target, it will tell you what is being offered at a discount. Like SnipSnap, you simply hand your phone to clerk to scan the code at time of checkout, and you’ll be credited with the discount right away.

CardStar is the easy way to earn loyalty rewards at your favorite places every time. But unlike those bulky loyalty cards that can easily get lost in your wallet, this app stores all the info for you digitally instead.

All you do is scan the loyalty cards into this app one by one. Next, label them and save them. Once you find yourself at a place where you have a loyalty rewards membership, whip out your phone and use CardStar instead. It’s an easy way to accrue points towards something sweet and free, and all without having to ever fuss with outdated plastic cards again.

Coupon Sherpa gives you instant savings at most online and local retailers, including grocery stores! Never again will you clip coupons or even search for them once you have this free app installed on your phone.

You can easily store any found coupons in your virtual wallet, or let the app find the best savings for you based on your geo location. You can even create entire shopping lists that are based on the coupons currently available, so you can save big at the register every time with the least amount of effort required.

ShopKick takes things a step further than most coupon apps. That’s because it combines a points and rewards system with coupons and digital discount codes. Basically, it’s a rewards and coupon app made into one awesome add-on for your smartphone.

Just by visiting certain retailers locally or online, you will earn points. You will also receive real-time, geo-based alerts that let you know where the good deals are and how you can get more points. Once you have earned enough points, you can cash them in for gift cards and other goodies that you can redeem at your favorite retailers.

Grocery iQ is a coupon lover’s best dream come true. It will not only instantly find you the best coupons on the groceries you are buying, but will also find match-ups to help you get even greater savings.

Create your own custom grocery lists and then let this app do the rest of the work. You can even add your loyalty cards, too, so you can just scan your phone at the time of checkout. Never again will you have to clip another coupon in your life. Welcome to the 21st Century folks!

Checkout51 is your go-to source for getting rebates the easy way. Shop and buy what you normally would. Afterwards, scan your receipt into the app. It will then find any rebate offers and store the rewards in your account. You can have a check mailed for the balance once you have reached $20 or more.

Yipit is a daily deal app that saves you time and frustration. It will only show you the best deals of the day, all based on your preferences. And, you won’t experience the letdown of entering a code only to be told that it’s invalid. Think Groupon and Living Social meet in an app. It’s an easy and smart way to get the best geo-based deals in your city time and time again.

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