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The Samsung FlexWash+FlexDry: Laundry Innovation, or Unnecessary?

It’s ambitious — we’ll say that much. The fact is more space for workload does make a difference, but just making something ‘bigger’ doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Sure, it decreases the number of loads, but it doesn’t decrease the amount of time it takes to get the laundry done. Think about — heavier loads = more […]

Why the New Asus ZenFone AR Just Might Bury the iPhone (and Other Smartphones)

We can all assume that Apple’s iPhone has become the staple in the smartphone industry. Sure, Google Play and Android has its demographic, but let’s face it — when we think of smartphone, nine times out of ten, we think iPhone. There’s only one iPhone, and about a million different Android smartphones out there. Seems like a really […]

Will the LeEco Smart Bike Break Into the Cycling Industry?

For the longest time, kids didn’t ask for much when it came to bikes. They need to just work. The pedaling has to come easy. And it has to at least look cool. Otherwise, all sorts of features were never necessary except for back in the day kids rode bikes when they didn’t have their PlayStation 4’s […]

How the Chrysler Portal Concept Will Herald the Updated Road Warrior Millennial

We’re all struggling to catch up with arguably the heaviest industry today regarding growth. In fact, the particular market seems to be growing a bit too fast — not that that’s a bad thing, of course. How can growth be bad? What industry are we talking about? The auto industry, in particular the concept of autonomous cars, […]