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Kay vs. Jared: Which Jewelry Giant Has The Best Deals?

Glittery bracelets, stylish rings, richly colored gemstones: they’re gifts that will take someone’s breath away. When you give the gift of jewelry, you’re giving more than precious metals and stones; you’re showing someone how much they mean to you.   Americans spent 31.4 billion dollars on jewelry in 2016, a number that’s generally been increasing […]

Spigen Tough Armor vs Otterbox Defender Review: Which Phone Case Delivers the Best Protection?

As the cost of replacing phones has increased substantially over the past few years, many people are looking for a phone case that will provide the best protection for the most expensive accessory they bring everywhere.  Breaking your $1000+ phone is a quick way to ruin your day and put a dent in your bank […]

Protect Your Wallet While Protecting Your Home: How to Save Money on Home Security Systems

In 2016, there were over 1.5 million burglaries in the U.S., according to the FBI, resulting in an estimated $3.6 billion in property loss. That’s an average of $2,361 per burglary.  With burglary numbers so high, the notion that “it could never happen to me” simply isn’t reasonable anymore for many homeowners. But traditionally, the […]

How to Save the Most Money on Your Cryptocurrency Purchases, Trades, and Transactions

It’s easy to get excited about the explosive growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  You may even be looking at the recent drop in the price of Bitcoin as an opportunity to get in the market.  We aren’t looking to convince you that you should be in the market for any particular cryptocurrency, but we […]

How to Find the Best Deals on Skin Care Products

Keeping your skin looking great every day is not easy or cheap.  Recent studies show that the average American woman spends more than $8 per day on skin care products.  That adds up quickly and presents a clear reason to be looking for better deals on your favorite skin care products online.  We put together […]

Here are the 10 Best Deals You’ll Find at Sam’s Club Every Week

Wandering the aisles at Sam’s Club, gazing in awe at shelves stocked to the rafters, the pallets of enough canned food to feed a small army, you’ve probably thought: “will buying stuff in bulk really save that much money?” The short answer: yes. According to, a Consumers’ Checkbook survey found that Sam’s Club prices […]

Charge It with a Purpose – Best Credit Card Rewards Programs and Perks

Americans are no stranger to credit cards.  We like to use plastic to pay for an increasing number of things on a daily basis.  Credit card debt in the United States has been increasing steadily over time.  In fact, credit card debt is nearing an all-time high for most trackable categories.  According to, we […]