Charge It with a Purpose – Best Credit Card Rewards Programs and Perks

Americans are no stranger to credit cards.  We like to use plastic to pay for an increasing number of things on a daily basis.  Credit card debt in the United States has been increasing steadily over time.  In fact, credit card debt is nearing an all-time high for most trackable categories.  According to, we […]

Get Gourmet Food Delivered to Your Doorstep with These Online Food Delivery Services

It’s no secret that Americans like to eat.  With fast food options on most major street corners, it’s also no secret that Americans like their food options quick and easy.  The average American household spends about 12.5% of their yearly budget on food, which works out to about $7,000 according to the Bureau of Labor […]

This Smart, Wearable Tech is the Future

One of the fastest growing technology industries might surprise you. It’s actually wearable tech, something the CCS Insight report, as covered in Forbes, finds will surpass $34 billion per year by 2020. Topping the list are smartwatches (the most popular wearable tech item) and fitness trackers (the second most popular wearable tech item). These two […]